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Requirements for use of solar power plants


Requirements for use of solar power plants:

Waterproof, hail and wind proof

Generally, the solar panels are encapsulated with tempered glass and the outer frame is encapsulated with aluminum alloy, which can effectively resist hail attack. The installation is fixed with metal support, and can resist strong winds above level 10.
Sunscreen and antifreeze
Generally, there are ventilation and heat dissipation windows to facilitate the heat dissipation of the battery. For particularly cold areas in winter, the battery adopts anti coagulation gel battery.
Control protection
In order to maximize the service life of the battery board and battery, it is generally controlled by anti reverse charge, overcharge and over discharge protection circuits to avoid damage to the battery board and premature aging of the battery.
Part selection
Because the use environment of solar photovoltaic products is different and the temperature difference is large, the working temperature range of parts is required to be wide.

The solar cell power generation system has no moving parts, is not easy to damage, and its maintenance is also very simple. However, regular maintenance is also required, otherwise it may affect normal use and even shorten service life.

Generally speaking, the inclination angle of the solar panel array should exceed 30 degrees. All dust can be washed by rain and cleaned by itself. In areas with large wind and sand, the dust should be removed frequently to keep the surface of the array clean, so as not to affect the power generation. The dust can be wiped off during cleaning. If possible, it can be cleaned with clean water and then wiped dry with a clean rag. Do not wash or wipe with corrosive solvents or hard objects. Regularly check the tightness of all installed parts. In case of hail, strong wind, rainstorm and other abnormal weather, protective measures shall be taken in time. Regularly check the charge and discharge of the battery, and observe whether the electrode or wiring has corrosion or poor contact at any time.
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